Jul 27 2010

what will write to tell offer readers?

I have enjoyed the time spent brainstorming, planning and cementing in my mind how write to tell will evolve. What will write to tell actually be about I have pondered at length? What will write to tell offer its readers?

Now is an exciting time for me, creating something new from scratch, building from the foundations. There are many unknowns for me at this time, lessons to be learnt, mistakes I’ll no doubt make and success and celebrations in the distant  future.

Having a very clear picture of what write to tell will be about is essential. I know this clear picture will help me develop each and every aspect of this site. From writing content, to finding readers to networking, the big picture needs to be crystal clear in my mind. And it is.

I’ve read a lot around the belief that developing a blog needs to be centred on fulfilling a need or solving a problem that people have. My vision for write to tell is a place that tells or rather shares with its readers thoughts, opinions, news and information. My vision doesn’t embrace the solving of a problem but it does fulfil a need in creating a place or a resource readers can go to for news, information and opinion.

Write to tell will be written from a number of different perspectives. As a mother, who is faced with daily joys and challenges.  As a social media and news enthusiast and as an aspiring freelance writer who is embarking upon unchartered waters pursuing a passion to write. I wear a number of different hats throughout my day, write to tell will reflect the various hats I wear.

I do hope there is a readership for write to tell,  particularly amongst the millions of  blog sites that one can google on the world wide web. Blogging has certainly become a very popular online activity for so many across the globe.

Jul 22 2010

starting to blog!

Well here I am, in my late thirties, starting to blog!

This idea has long  floated around in my head. This idea has stayed with me. So on this cold Winter’s day in Melbourne I begin this new and somewhat exciting  journey. I have no expectations. What counts for me today is I’m getting started. As they say at Nike. Just do it!

These are unchartered waters for me. The map I’m holding isn’t showing me a destination. I’m simply stepping out cautiously at first to discover what so many have found before me. In some respects I’m a late starter. But that’s ok with me.

I love to write. Writing is my passion. Am I a good writer? That’s for you to decide.

Write to Tell will be a place for me as a social media and news enthusiast  to share my thoughts, my opinions, my words  and my experiences. And anything else I find of interest along the way.

Welcome! I look forward to sharing with you at Write to Tell.