Nov 13 2010

gorgeous maeve

Have you discovered the gorgeous Maeve?

Maeve is  published quarterly, she’s online, she’s stylish, she’s informative, she’s inspiring, she’s a must read, she’s so lovely, she’s free!

Last week issue 3 was published, 200 plus pages for you to read over a cuppa or two, maybe even three!

I’ve contributed to the publication so I may be a little biased (just a wee bit!) but I just can’t recommend her enough. Go on, go make that cuppa, I guarantee you’ll become totally absorbed in her pages. You won’t be able to put her down.

She’s a fantastic magazine, filled with the most creative images and inspiring articles.

Well done to all the talented and creative minds who make her possible. And to the ever so super talented Lou and Kate you’ve done it again! She’s awesome!

Sep 6 2010

onya magazine

I love writing for Onya Magazine! I love reading Onya Magazine!

Have you stumbled across Onya Magazine while you’ve been exploring the world wide web? 

Onya Magazine is a web zine with total focus and dedication to Australia.

Onya is all about our  people, our businesses, our culture, our sports, our places, our beauty, our fashion, our environment, our politics, our lifestyle, our music, our issues, our arts and our ideas.

Do you follow Onya Magazine on Facebook?

Do you follow Onya Magazine on Twitter?

If you haven’t I really think you should!

My most recent piece for Onya Magazine, a piece for Music Meeting.  I chatted with Roz Pappalardo, an exceptionally talented woman, singer and songwriter, about the release of her first album, Roz and The Wayward Gentlemen.

Aug 24 2010

the calm space

I write for the day spa of online magazines, it’s called The Calm Space.

The Calm Space is published weekly with a monthly theme. The Calm Space is the go to online magazine for information, hints, tips and inspiration. 

Have you seen, read or maybe even indulged yourself and your senses in it? If you answered no, please do take a wee peep. It’s a beautiful place, an inspiring place.

Do forgive me if I appear a little biased. I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine, I only write for magazines I absolutely love, the ones I have great passion for, the ones I feel at home with, the ones I would have liked to have dreamed and created myself. The Calm Space is one of those magazines.

During the month of August, The Calm Space  focused on the theme of action.

This month I wrote a piece ‘the biggest step in your journey’. I hope the piece leaves you feeling inspired to take action.

Aug 16 2010

maeve magazine


Last week Issue 2, the Spring Issue, of online magazine Maeve, hit the world wide web.

Maeve is a super gorgeous magazine. The magazine’s target audience is mums but I’m certain and very confident any young woman will find the magazine fantastic! Over flowing with great articles to read. The articles are inspiring. Maeve is full of creativeness.

I had the opportunity to contribute two articles to this mighty fine magazine. The Chicktastic story on page 24 – an interview with the ladies behind the Polka Designer Kids Wear range. And on page 105 – an interview Jenna Park  of Whimsy & Spice. A Brooklyn, New York, confectionery business.

Grab yourself a coffee or whatever else it is that relaxes you and read, read, and read some more . Enjoy yourself. I’m sure you will!

Take a look at Maeve here

Jul 28 2010

published work

Image by

As an aspiring freelance writer I’m embracing and am grateful for the opportunity to write for a variety of online magazines. Thank you to the editors who are providing me with the opportunity to develop, to learn and to grow as a writer.

Each of the online magazines I write for is quite different in terms of its readership. I’m a big fan of each of them!  Each is creating uniqueness in its publication.

You’ll find online magazines rapidly popping up all over the world wide web.  The world wide web is certainly an ocean of information. Information is so readily available to today’s tech savvy population.

Write to tell will be a place where I share my published work with you.

Televisions to soon outnumber people published at