Aug 26 2010

on the grapevine

An idea popped into my head today. I wouldn’t call it a light bulb moment. It was a spilt second where an unexpected thought crossed my mind. It left me thinking this afternoon. I’ve come to the conclusion that I think it’s actually a good idea. It’s an idea I plan to test, to experiment and play with at write to tell.

Let me explain further. I turn my laptop on everyday! Yes there is rarely a day I don’t turn my laptop on. On the rare, very rare occasion I don’t turn my laptop on, I turn to my iPhone or iPad for my daily internet fix of news and social media. Am I addicted? Well,  if you call my need to absorb social media and news on a daily basis, then I guess I am.

 But in self defence I’d like to explain my passion is for news and keeping abreast of events and happenings around my city, my country, and the world. Yes some may find this interest of mine intense, peculiar, strange or a little odd. That’s ok, it’s what I like, it’s what I enjoy, it’s what I do almost everyday. It’s me.  I’m fascinated by news and snippets of information.

So my idea…to share at write to tell the news stories, the photographs, the snippets of information, the random thoughts, I stumble across whilst online throughout my day. I’ll share pieces that catch my eye, pieces that make me think,  pieces that stand out, pieces I feel are worth sharing.

I’ll be filing these posts under the category of on the grapevine.

Without any further a do my first on the grapevine entry.

23 kg Tumour Removed

Surgeons at the Gandulfo Hospital in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, have removed a 23 kg tumour from the womb of a 54 year-old-woman.

23 kg tumour removed

Source: AFP Published

Snow falls in Victoria

Around 47 centimetres of fresh snow fell last night at Mt Hotham.  Mt Hotham’s biggest fall since 2003.

See the car windscreen wipers poking through the snow in the pic below.

Source: Mt Hotham Resorts