Jan 25 2011

Australia Day and Onya Aid

Tomorrow, 26 January, we will celebrate Australia Day. I wonder how many of us have an understanding of what this day actually celebrates. How many of us are solely focused on the fact that it’s a public holiday?  A day off work . A day to spend relaxing or enjoying a barbie with family and friends. A day to enjoy a beer with mates.

Australia Day is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788.

Australia Day is the day we are reminded of what is so great about our beautiful country, our people and our diverse society. It’s the day we come together to celebrate what is great about Australia. It’s the day we celebrate being Australian. We have plenty to be so proud of. We have a bright future. Our children have a bright future and endless opportunities.  We are so very lucky to call Australia our home.

At the core of celebrating Australia Day is the celebration of our people, ordinary Australians who contribute so much to make this country so great.  Tomorrow I’ll be spending my Australia Day with some great Australians. Tomorrow I know I’m going to feel truly Australian. 

I’ll be attending Onya Aid,a fundraiser arranged by 2 outstanding Australians, Sandi Sieger, Director and Editor-In- Chief and Sarah Kempson, Fashion Editor at Onya Magazine.

Onya Magazine is hosting the Onya Aid fundraiser to raise cash for those affected by the devastating floods in Queensland and Victoria. Funds from Onya Aid will be donated to The Australian Red Cross. What a fine example this event is of our great Aussie spirit. Our great Aussie spirit to help our neighbours, our mates.

The event will be held at Honey Bar. Honey Bar owner Steve Vallas has generously donated his venue for the event. Entry is just $5 at the door. One hundred per cent of proceeds from admission, auctions, lucky dips, donations and Honey Bar profits will be donated to Onya Aid.

This event is the finest example of how we can make Australia an even better place for future generations. Tomorrow I’ll witness what is great about Australia and being an Australian. Tomorrow I will feel proud to be an Australian.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my Australia Day. There is a whole lot more to Australia Day than it being just another public holiday.

Jan 5 2011

feeling pumped about 2011

the start of a new year. a new path.

 I already feel comfortable writing 2 0 1 1. 

It’s January.

It’s Summer. Not a hot Summer in Melbourne (yet!). Our days are very comfortable. Very pleasant. Our nights are very cool.

We’re witnessing the effects of climate change I’m sure. Last week we sweltered for a day when the temperature rose to 42 degrees Celsius! Some nights it’s so cold we could resort to turning the heater on but we resist the temptation.

We’re making the most of the current cooler temperatures and gorgeous sunny days. 

We’re taking a walk most days. 4kms. An hour to chat while we walk and enjoy our beautiful environment. Our backyard.

We’re in the midst of school holidays. A 6 week break. It’s wonderful. We’re enjoying spending time together. Slow mornings. No clock watching. No after school activities. I love this time of year.

We’re still recovering from the anticipation and excitement of Christmas and the festive season. Today we packed away the Christmas tree and decorations. Christmas 2010 is now a memory. We have photos to remember the happy time we shared. Stories to recall.

I’m so excited about the new year. New opportunities. It’s going to be a great year. A busy year.

I look forward to sharing the year 2011 with you.