gorgeous maeve

Have you discovered the gorgeous Maeve?

Maeve is  published quarterly, she’s online, she’s stylish, she’s informative, she’s inspiring, she’s a must read, she’s so lovely, she’s free!

Last week issue 3 was published, 200 plus pages for you to read over a cuppa or two, maybe even three!

I’ve contributed to the publication so I may be a little biased (just a wee bit!) but I just can’t recommend her enough. Go on, go make that cuppa, I guarantee you’ll become totally absorbed in her pages. You won’t be able to put her down.

She’s a fantastic magazine, filled with the most creative images and inspiring articles.

Well done to all the talented and creative minds who make her possible. And to the ever so super talented Lou and Kate you’ve done it again! She’s awesome!

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