melbourne french festival: paris to provence

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? Je vais très bien!  I was in Paris in 1997. It doesn’t seem like my visit was 13 years ago! Paris is the city, which French people, often describe as being shaped like a snail shell. I remember my visit clearly. The images and my experiences live vividly in my memory. I recall the streets, the traffic, the shops, the fashion, the stunning women, the food, the baguettes, the museums, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, all as though I was there yesterday.

I learnt French at school for 6 years but sadly without constant practice I have lost my ability and confidence to speak this beautiful language. A Romance language. I love everything there is to love about Paris, the city, the food, the people, the language. I dream of one day having the opportunity to immerse myself and family life in Paris. I’m a big believer in having dreams and one day this just might become a reality for our family.

So while I dream of one day living in Paris, life for me is in cosmopolitan Melbourne. A city which offers so much. This week I stumbled across a gem of an event, the first inaugural Melbourne French Festival: Paris to Provence, a two day event held at the historical Como House and Garden in South Yarra.

Two mums Laura Rancie and Samantha Triaca, both of whom are currently pregnant, maintain such a great love and enthusiasm for all things French, that they founded the Melbourne French Festival where visitors experience a little slice of France at the beautiful Como House and Garden.

Friday afternoon Melbourne was blessed with the most gorgeous Spring weather. I was itching to visit the Melbourne French Festival. Being school holidays and with an almost full schedule I had to do some fancy work to get there but get there we did!

Wow! What an amazing experience. What an incredible atmosphere. Everything came together so perfectly. The weather, the venue, the food, the stalls, the people, it was such a fantastic day. We strolled. We ate crepes. I drank coffee. The little people enjoyed an ice cream. We listened to music. We listened to people speak French. I just love hearing the French speak. We soaked in Melbourne’s sun but imagined we were in Paris for a just a few hours.

A special day. Delightful memories.


2 Responses to “melbourne french festival: paris to provence”

  • soulprincessnr1 Says:

    Found your blog via your request on Twitter…
    Personally i love all things Australian…so i am glad this blog was created :)

    I am a follower!
    Have a great day – sp

  • Jan Waller Says:

    Oh Stephanie, I have to take you to Lillies on Broughton in Eltham, it’s a little piece of French inspired heaven…have you been there? It has a cafe!!! Oui oui! Deux cafes s’il vous plait garcon!
    As always great photos Stephanie, you are a natural photographer!