simply picturesque

Yesterday the sun shone. The wind was light. Sunday in Melbourne town was gorgeous. After days, weeks, even months of bitter Wintery weather the sun came out to play. It was the almost  perfect day. What an unexpected surprise.

Then this morning I woke to sunshine streaming through the bedroom windows. It made me feel good. It put a spring in my step and energised me. Today was the perfect day to stroll along the banks of the meandering Yarra River. I enjoyed sunshine and warm rays, amongst the peace and silence of nature.

I eagerly await the new season that comes, her name is Spring.

One Response to “simply picturesque”

  • Jan Waller Says:

    Gorgeous photos Steph! I especially love that shot of the Wattle. You are so right, Spring is coming, not long now until we can shed our layers! Why is it that the sunshine just makes us feel happier?